Retired Las Vegas Cop Goes to Ferguson Missouri to Help Youth.

Byron Stringer, was a Las Vegas Cop for over 26 years. He saw kids dying on the street and making bad choices every day. A former D.A.R.E Officer, Stringer knew he had to do more to save our kids so he wrote the Toe Tag Monologues.  A Go Fund Me account has set-up to take him and his acting cast of 15 teenagers to Ferguson in the end of May 2015, and plans on staying 6 days.

The Toe Tag Monologues (www.toetags.org) addresses topics such as bullying, teen suicide, drug abuse, school violence, human trafficking, gang violence, self-harm and much more.  Stringer’s acting troop consists of teenagers who perform in the Clark County School District and other community organizations.  Stringer says he uses Drama to help our kids get thru their own Drama.

McCluer South Berkley High School wants the Toe Tag Monologues but due to finances can’t afford to bring it to Ferguson.  They believe this message will greatly impact their kids.  Stringer plans to do a tri city tour to include Ferguson, St Louis, and Jefferson City.

The fund raiser will cover the cost of transportation, food and hotel.  The cast and crew are donating their time for this cause.

Vision Theatrical Foundation Inc.  Is a non-profit 501-c3 organization.

Cast of Toe Tag Monologues are available for interviews.